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VETERANS FIRST AMERICA offers all Realtors

supporter referrals from our nonprofit partner CARES Charities Advocacy Real Estate Corporation

that have registered with CARES through our Charities, Charities Volunteers & Supporters

partnering to develop funding for their preferred Charities through CARES exclusive

Charities funding innovation CARES Referrals for Veterans © 

for a 25% referral fee.


CARES Referrals for Veterans ©   supporter referrals are distinctive, as they represent

CARES commitment to provide 90% of the net funding developed from Buyer & Seller referrals to Charities,

and opportunities for nonprofit supporters to direct 90% of the funding developed from their real estate

transactions to their preferred Charities. In addition, CARES provides referred  supporters

with $200.00 Volunteers In Giving Awards as a THANK YOU for their

assistance in the development of funding for Charities.

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CARES Referrals for Veterans © provides Realtors licensed with Real Estate Companies

across the country with opportunities to add a dynamic marketing advantage to their individual businesses to 


from the other Realtors in their communities

by partnering with


a registered national public charity to develop funding for Charities


Partnering Realtors receive CARES client referrals of Buyers & Sellers that Charities,

Charities Volunteers & Supporters, partnering with VETERANS FIRST AMERICA & CARES have contacted

and registered on the CARES Referrals for Veterans ©  platform

 for a 25% referral fee



Partnering Realtors are authorized to contact area Media, Charities & Charities Volunteers

to introduce & market their partnering affiliation with Veterans First America and access to CARES Charities

funding innovation, CARES Referrals for Veterans ©  that assists Buyers & Sellers develop exceptional

referral funding per completed real estate transaction, for their preferred Charities

Partnering Realtors receive recommendations of their real estate services from our Charities Volunteers

to the Buyers & Sellers that they register on the CARES Referrals for Veterans © platform .

Partnering Realtors are authorized to recruit Charities Volunteers within their communities,

to market their affiliation with CARES Referrals for Veterans ©   and to have the Charities Volunteers

that they developed recommend their real estate services to the Buyers & Sellers

that they register on the CARES Referrals for Veterans ©  platform.


Partnering Realtors are authorized to register the Volunteers that they recruit in

Veterans First America's Volunteer Award programs which provide Volunteers with a $100.00 Honoraria or

Student Volunteers with $100.00 in Tuition Assistance, for each Buyer or Seller they have registered on the

CARES Referrals for Veterans © platform that develops funding for their nonprofits by completing

their purchase or sale of real estate. Access to these programs are provided to assist our

Partnering Realtors develop & reward a referral network of Volunteers.  


VETERANS FIRST AMERICA will provide funding for all Volunteer Awards

that are presented to Volunteers that have assisted our Partnering Realtors register

Buyers & Sellers in the CARES Referrals for Veterans ©  program.

Partnering Realtors offer our Buyers & Sellers with opportunities to partner with Realtors that

are real supporters of Charities, that have committed to give of themselves for the benefit of those in need

by remitting 25% of the commission they receive from assisting CARES Referrals for Veterans ©

referred Buyers & Sellers with their purchases or sales of real estate, to CARES for

donation of 90% of the net funding developed to Charities.



register as Partnering Realtors and provide the Charities & nonprofits within your communities with access to

CARES Referrals for Veterans © Charities fundraising innovation through

your real estate services as a Charities Advocacy Realtor !



CARES Referrals for Veterans ©

CARES Charities Advocacy Real Estate Corporation designed CARES Referrals for Veterans © to develop funding for nonprofits, by redefining the traditional client referral process used in Real Estate throughout the United States. Our innovation in process designed & developed the CARES-Referral © which is essentially a client directed referral.

Our CARES-Referral © follows the same traditional Real Estate Broker to Real Estate Broker process, however our innovation provides our client with their CARES-Referral ©  to present to the Realtor they select to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate, for delivery to that Realtor's managing Real Estate Broker for signature and return via email to CARES offices, completing the Real Estate Broker to Real Estate Broker process.

CARES innovation, offers every Buyer or Seller of real estate an opportunity to assist in the development of referral funding to support any nonprofit they prefer by accessing the CARES Referrals for Veterans © registration platform receiving their CARES-Referral © and giving or forwarding it to any Realtor they select, for delivery to their managing  Real Estate Broker for signature, in any location throughout the United States.

CARES innovation, ensures that 100% of the funding remitted for donation to Charities & nonprofits are from derived from the Commissions that Real Estate Companies receive at the Closings of our referred Buyers & Sellers real estate transactions.

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