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is a 501(c)(3) with Public Charities status 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) ​and DLN26053667002795 EIN 47-4089412

Dedicated to the mission of developing funding for Charities & nonprofits that provide

essential services to U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families​​​​


VETERANS FIRST AMERICA assisted in the design & development of CARES

the first nonprofit Real Estate Foundation in the United States

designed & dedicated to the development of referral funding for donation to Charities & nonprofits.


CARES provides Charities & nonprofits access to the National Real Estate market that averages

5.7 million Realtor assisted sales transactions per year

to develop funding through our CARES Referrals for Veterans © innovation

which provides every Buyer & Seller of real estate in the United States with an opportunity

to develop referral funding to benefit the Charities & nonprofits that support

U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families.

at no cost to them !

CARES Referrals for Veterans © provides military affiliated Charities & nonprofits

with opportunities to develop donation funding from the client referred real estate purchases & sales

of their supporters throughout the United States

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