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VETERANS FIRST AMERICA & CARES offers Volunteers an opportunity to make a difference in their communities, with free access to our powerful funding innovation CARES Referrals for Veterans ©  in support of the nonprofits that provide essential services to U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families.

CARES Referrals for Veterans © develops funding for directed donation to nonprofits through the referral of Buyers & Sellers of real estate that have signed on to our CARES registration-platform ©  to develop funding for their preferred nonprofits, without any cost to them, using our innovative CARES-Referral ©.

CARES-Referrals © are emailed to the Buyers & Sellers that register on the CARES registration-platform, immediately upon registration for them to present to any Realtor they select to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate. Once the Realtors receive the CARES-Referrals © the Realtors are instructed to forward or give the referral to their Real Estate Broker for signature, completing the Buyers & Sellers referral & transfer.


CARES-Referrals © require Realtors & Real Estate Companies, remit 25% of the Commissions they receive at the closings of our referred & transferred Buyers or Sellers real estate transactions, to CARES for donation of 90% of the funding to VETERANS FIRST AMERICA. 

VETERANS FIRST AMERICA then receives the donation funding and first, sends the referred Buyers & Sellers  $100 Volunteers in Giving Awards as a THANK YOU for assisting in the development of funding for nonprofits, and then directs 90% of the net funding to the nonprofits that our referred Buyers & Sellers had directed for donation at their initial registration on our CARES registration-platform ©


Thank you for registering. Check the email you provided for your initial registration information and documents.

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