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This registration & agreement between you, Veterans First America and our nonprofit foundation partner, CARES Charities Advocacy Real Estate, is for the purpose of developing funding for nonprofits through your participation as a Buyer or Seller of real estate in the CARES program.

CARES agrees to make the following commitments to you, subject to your participation, referral and transfer as a CARES client to any Realtor & Real Estate Company that you select to assist you with your purchase or sale of real estate, and subsequent closing of the real estate transaction within the CARES Referrals for Veterans © program requirements.

  • CARES shall provide you with the opportunity to direct 90% of the net funding developed through your client referral to your preferred nonprofit.

  • CARES shall provide you with a Volunteers In Giving award of $200.00 after the closing of your real estate purchase or sale, as a THANK YOU for your assistance in the development of funding for Charities & nonprofits.

CARES and you agree...

  • that CARES will provide you, as our client, exclusive seller representation or exclusive buyer representation effective with your acceptance of this Registration & Agreement.

  • that the exclusive representation rights that are provided to CARES with the acceptance of this Agreement will be referred to any Realtor & Real Estate Company that you select to receive your CARES-referral © .

  • that the CARES-referral © that you provide to your chosen Realtor requires their Real Estate Company remit referral compensation equal to 25% from the commissions they receive from the closing of your purchase or sale of real estate, to CARES for the purpose of funding the Charities & nonprofit organizations of your choice.

  • that the submission of this form registers you with CARES.

Thank you for your registration in support of nonprofits nationwide!

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