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CARES Referrals for Veterans ©

501(c)(3) with Public Charities Status: 170 (b)(1)(A)(vi) DLN 26053667002795 EIN 47-4089412

Dedicated to the development of funding for Nonprofits that provide essential services to

U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families




Offers the Supporters of U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families

that are planning the purchase or sale of real estate, opportunities to direct 20% of the Commissions

that the Realtors & Real Estate Companies they select to assist them with their purchases or sales,

receive at their real estate closings to support their preferred Charities & Nonprofit Organizations

without any financial cost to Supporters or the Charities & Nonprofits

they designate to receive funding!

VETERANS FIRST AMERICA is a founding partner of CARES Charities Advocacy Real Estate Corporation,

the only Nonprofit Real Estate Corporation in the United States, exclusively designed to develop funding

 for directed donation to Charities & Nonprofit Organizations across America.



VETERANS FIRST AMERICA leverages the partnership with CARES, to access to a 

$3.5 Billion National Real Estate Market that averages 5.7 Million Realtor assisted sales transactions per annum

 to develop funding for donation to Charities & Nonprofit Organizations through CARES revolutionary

 nonprofit funding development innovation

 CARES Referrals for Veterans ©


VETERANS FIRST AMERICA  & CARES provide unlimited funding development services

at no cost to partnering Charities, Nonprofit Organizations and to the Supporters

of U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families.

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Registration with our Charity & CARES our nonprofit Real Estate Corporation, is the first step in developing funding for NONPROFITS that support U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families, without any expense to our Supporters !

CARES has reimagined & redesigned the traditional Real Estate Client Referral to develop funding for Military Nonprofits  without any expense to their Supporters.

CARES Referrals for Veterans © provides Supporters that register with our Charity & CARES, the ability to develop funding for their preferred Military Nonprofits.

Once registered, Supporters become CARES Clients and receive CARES-Referrals ©  to give to the Realtors & Real Estate Companies within their Communities, that they select to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate across the United States.

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CARES-Referrals © 
via email 

Supporters planning the purchase or sale of real estate that have registered with our Charity & CARES, receive CARES-Referrals © via immediate email, to present to the Realtors & Real Estate Companies within their communities, that they interview & select to assist them with their real estate transactions.

CARES-Referrals © are business agreements between CARES. our nonprofit Real Estate Corporation and the Realtors & Real Estate Companies that our Clients have selected to give their CARES-Referral © .

CARES-Referrals © require Realtors & Real Estate Companies remit compensation to CARES for the referral & transfer of CARES Clients equal to 20% of the Commissions the Real Estate Companies receive at the Closings of our referred Clients real estate transactions

Once, CARES receives the compensation developed by CARES Referrals for Veterans ©  90% of the referral funding is donated to VETERANS FIRST AMERICA to fund our registered Supporters preferred Nonprofits.

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CARES-Referrals © 

Supporters give their CARES-Referrals © to any Realtors they select, and require their Realtors present their CARES-Referrals © to the Realtor's managing Real Estate Brokers for acceptance & signature.

​Once their CARES-Referrals  ©  are signed by their Realtors managing Real Estate Brokers and returned to CARES via text or email, a CARES Referral Agreement is created.

Supporters may then sign their referred Realtors & Real Estate Companies Listing or Buyer Representation Agreements, assured that their purchases or sales of real estate will develop funding for donation to their preferred Military Nonprofits.

​Once Supporters real estate transactions have been closed and CARES has received the required compensation from the referred Real Estate Companies, CARES donates 90% of the funding to VETERANS FIRST AMERICA for the development of donation funding of our Supporters preferred Military Nonprofits.


Registering as a Supporter of  VETERANS FIRST AMERICA

& CARES Client, I request that 90% of the donation funding received from CARES be directed to:

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