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CARES Referrals for Veterans ©

501(c)(3) with Public Charities Status: 170 (b)(1)(A)(vi) DLN 26053667002795 EIN 47-4089412

Dedicated to the development of funding for Nonprofits that provide essential services to

U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families




offers the Supporters of U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families

that are planning the purchase or sale of real estate within Communities throughout America,

access to CARES Referrals for Veterans ©  our exclusive funding development innovation

 designed to direct 20% of the Commissions that Real Estate Companies receive from the real estate

purchases or sales of our registered Supporters, to the funding of Nonprofit Organizations 

providing essential services to U.S. Veterans, Service Members & Military Families

without any costs to Supporters !

VETERANS FIRST AMERICA has partnered with CARES Charities Advocacy Real Estate Foundation,

the first nonprofit Real Estate Corporation in the United States designed to develop funding for

Charities & Nonprofit organizations, to bring CARES expense free funding innovation,

CARES Referrals for Veterans © 

to the Supporters of our Military Communities.

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Registration with our Charity & CARES our nonprofit Real Estate Foundation is the first step in developing funding for NONPROFITS that support our Military communities, without any expense to Supporters !

CARES has reimagined & redesigned the traditional Real Estate Client Referral to develop funding for Military Nonprofits  without any expense to their Supporters.

CARES Referrals for Veterans © provides Supporters that register with our Charity & CARES, the ability to develop funding for their preferred Military Nonprofits.

Once registered, Supporters become CARES Clients and receive CARES-Referrals ©  to give to the Realtors & Real Estate Companies within their Communities, that they select to assist them with their purchase or sale of real estate across the United States.

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CARES-Referrals © 
via email 

Supporters planning the sale or purchase of real estate that have registered with our Charity & CARES, receive CARES-Referrals © via email, to present to the Realtors & Real Estate Companies within their communities, that they have selected to assist them with their real estate transactions.

CARES-Referrals © are business agreements between CARES. our nonprofit Real Estate Foundation and the Realtors & Real Estate Companies that our Clients have selected to give their CARES-Referral © .

CARES-Referrals © require Realtors & Real Estate Companies remit compensation to CARES for the referral & transfer of CARES Clients equal to 20% of the Commissions the Real Estate Companies receive at the Closings of our referred Clients real estate transactions

Once, CARES receives the compensation developed by CARES Referrals for Veterans ©  90% of the referral funding is donated to VETERANS FIRST AMERICA to fund our registered Supporters preferred Nonprofits.

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CARES-Referrals © 

Supporters give their CARES-Referrals © to any Realtors they select, and require their Realtors present their CARES-Referrals © to the Realtors managing Real Estate Brokers for acceptance & signature.

​Once their CARES-Referrals  ©  are signed by their Realtors managing Real Estate Brokers and returned to CARES offices via email, a CARES Referral Agreement is created.

Supporters may then sign their referred Realtors & Real Estate Companies' Listing or Buyer Representation Agreements, assured that their purchases or sales of real estate will develop funding for donation to their preferred Military Nonprofits.

​Once Supporters real estate transactions have been closed and CARES has received the required compensation from the referred Real Estate Companies, CARES donates 90% of the funding to VETERANS FIRST AMERICA for the development of Grant funding of our Supporters preferred Military Nonprofits.


as a registered VETERANS FIRST AMERICA Supporter

& CARES Client, I request that 75% of the funding

 received from my referral be directed to:

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